Head Vs Heart…

Our model of leadership is both people focused yet practically minded. It is relational in style and so can engage people and inspire teams, yet it is strategic in process, driving productivity and growth. Therefore rather than differentiating between visionary leadership and effective management, our programs and processes recognise the importance of each and are focused on developing both. Our commitment is not just equipping the current leaders but developing emerging leaders. Rather than just enhancing existing leaders, we’re about creating a culture of leadership development.

Leadership Models

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The Leadership Model

Vision Driven

Developing a vision which can be clearly communicated.

Values Based

Reflecting on individual values and developing alignment on the organisational values.

People Centred

To motivate staff and inspire teams, communication skills and emotional intelligence are key.

Goal Directed

Effectively managing tasks and strategically implementing the vision.

Outcome Focused

Improving processes, innovating systems and responding to trends.

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